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  • About Us

    Three sites. One team. One goal.

    Our Sites

    We currently operate three separate websites, with tens of thousands of products available. Each website has different inventory available, and slightly different shipping policies, but all are owned and operated by us. Take a look at the next section for a detailed breakdown.

    Our Team

    Our team is a small group of passionate individuals dedicated to giving you the best possible experience purchasing a firearm online. From the time you place an order, either over the phone or through one of our websites, there is always someone in charge of making sure it gets where it needs to go.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to bring online firearm purchasing into the 21st century. We try to accomplish this with no-frills, easy-to-navigate websites, straightforward shipping policies, excellent customer service, and no B.S. fees. 

  • TSS Gun Shop

    Our main store inventory, located in Tooele, Utah, features hard-to-find items and outrageous deals on Smith & Wesson revolvers, AR-15 rifles, and several hundred other makes and models. Take a look at the "New Arrivals" page for the latest and greatest.

    TSS Warehouse

    Not in a hurry to get your new toy? Just looking around for the best deal? TSS Warehouse is the place to go. Featuring 2500+ models with some of the lowest prices online, you're sure to find a great price on exactly what you're looking for.

    TSS Outfitters

    Still in its infancy, TSS Outfitters is the site dedicated to optics, ammo, parts, magazines, and other shooting gear. Featuring a small selection of firearms as well, Outfitters hosts over 10,000 items in stock and available for purchase.

  • Who We Are

    The brains in charge of it all.

    Chad Smith

    Owner & CEO

    With several decades of firearm knowledge under his belt, Chad opened up TSS out of his living room. Eight years later, he's built the company from the ground up into one of the top online firearm dealers nationwide. He also hates photos of himself.

    Chris Dyer

    Ops Manager / Product Owner

    Originally hired to help rebuild and re-brand the company, Chris has since stuck around full-time and now helps run day-to-day operations as well as keep the websites running (relatively) smooth.

    Shelbi Grever

    Shipping and Receiving Manager

    Shelbi runs the shipping department with an iron fist, and makes sure all packages and firearms end up where they need to be. She's the one to thank when packages get there on time.

    Odin (R.I.P.)

    Grumpy Old Man

    14 years old, Odin has been around since before TSS was a glimmer in Chad's eye. Oddly enough, he's scared of guns. Odin passed away in the fall of 2016, but he will always be the TSS mascot.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you sell your guns so cheap?

    This is by far our most common question, and the answer is pretty simple. We've adopted the McDonald's pricing philosophy - stack 'em deep and sell 'em cheap. Despite our growth over the last few years, we maintain a small local storefront. This allows us to cut out a lot of the overhead that other shops have from renting a large commercial storefront, regular staff, utilities, etc. and focus on selling as many guns as possible for as cheap as possible.


    Additionally, we don't deal at all with used firearms, and currently have 14 wholesale accounts with distributors and manufacturers nationwide. This gives us the opportunity to always get the lowest price for the firearm you want.

    Why do you have three different websites?

    Each website has a different purpose - TSS Gun Shop focuses on hard-to-get firearms, and amazing deals on popular ones. TSS Warehouse focuses on rock bottom prices on readily available firearms, and TSS Outfitters handles all of the optics, accessories, parts and pieces you might need. Keeping the sites separate gives us an easier time managing the orders that come through, and also allows each site to grow independently in their given market.

    Do you deal with used/antique firearms?

    Unfortunately we do not deal at all with the used market, and strictly deal with factory new firearms (with one or two exceptions). Because of this, we also do not do any trades for firearms.

    Do you do transfers for local customers?

    Unfortunately we no longer serve as a transfer dealer for local customers.

    Can you order a gun that's not on your websites?

    Although we have several thousand firearms available for sale on our sites, we are happy to try and find the exact one you are looking for. Send us a message below with the manufacturer, model, and if possible the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN/SKU) or UPC of the firearm, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with price and availability.

  • Location

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